Last week, we told you that the Oklahoma Senate voted to place a referendum on the November ballot to legalize cockfighting and related activities. We are very happy to report that, thanks to your help, the Oklahoma House of Representatives soundly defeated the bill, S.B. 835, by a vote of 56-38!

In 2002, Oklahoma voters made their state the 48th to prohibit cockfighting in a lopsided vote. Senator Frank Shurden introduced S.B. 835 which would have legalized cockfighting, except if the birds have implements strapped to their legs. The measure also would have made it legal for people to maintain cockfighting facilities and to possess birds for fighting. It would have eliminated the forfeiture provisions in the law and reduced penalties for the few remaining illegal cockfighting acts to a pittance, rendering the altered law all but unenforceable. Thank you to The Fund's Oklahoma members who contacted your state legislators and told them to keep cockfighting banned!

Ľ For more information about the Oklahoma cockfighting ban, please visit the Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting.

Ľ To help strengthen the federal penalties for animal fighting and prevent this cruel activity nationwide, please contact your members of Congress and ask them to support S. 736 and H.R. 1532, the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act.

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