"Project Hope Spearheads TWO Dramatic Rescues in Mississippi"

"IDA's Project Hope Sanctuary is proud to report the closure of an atrocious puppy mill and the rescue of many needy animals...."

1. Closure of a puppy mill in Shannon MI. "More than 50 dogs were confined beneath a metal barn in hutches laden with feces, dead rats, matted hair, rotting food, and plastic wrap. The dogs, mostly small-breed, were exposed to extremely cold weather conditions with no bedding or heat source. The majority of the dogs were suffering from extreme cases of sarcoptc and demodectic mange....

the majority of the animals are well on their way to recovery, having been placed in loving homes.

2. Rescue of dogs and cats from a Ripley, MI animal shelter: The initial investigation stemmed from a call that "a dead and rotting dog [was] lying within the enclosure." Investigators discovered "The entire facility was engulfed in waste that could not be washed from the concrete area. The grounds were buried in waste. The half-constructed ciderblock pens had not tops, no gates, adn waste not only would not flow out, but the drains went direclty into the dog yard."

Sadly, some animals were too sick to save and were euthanized at the Ripley shelter. Good news is that the sick animals' misery was ended and the majority of animals were healthy enough to be transferred to safe sanctuary at the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society. Many from the Tippah County Animal Shelter were adopted or brought to a safe shelter.


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