A second group of tigers rescued by The Fund for Animals from Tiger Rescue, a "pseudo-sanctuary" in Colton, California, made their move to PAWS' Ark 2000 sanctuary in San Andreas. The nine big cats were loaded up in the early morning on Saturday, July 31 and arrived at PAWS about 6:30 p.m. the same day. "It went very smoothly and quickly," said Michael Markarian, president of The Fund for Animals, "They were on the road by about 9 a.m." The tigers will remain in a small, covered enclosure at PAWS until they are acclimated, said Pat Derby, a director and founder of PAWS. Then they will be released into their new 10-acre habitat, where they will join the first group of eight tigers who arrived in early June. Derby said the first group has settled in well, including a sight-impaired tiger (at left), named Ray Charles, who she had feared would need to be separated. "It's become obvious that the other cats love him and take care of him," Derby said. "He loves them, and they are very good for him."

The rescued tigers are part of a larger group of big cats first discovered in November 2002 at Tiger Rescue in filthy cages and without water. The Fund for Animals' Wildlife Rehabilitation Center provided care and veterinary attention and were able place all but 39 of the big cats at accredited animal sanctuaries. These last lucky 39 tigers will live their lives free from exploitation at PAWS' Ark 2000. 

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