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July 18, 2003
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As we know, legislators on Capitol Hill voted on numerous animal protection measures this week, and the final results are in! Of the four animal protection amendments to the Appropriations bills and one free-standing bill, we had two decisive victories and three setbacks.

  1. The Blumenauer-Tancredo Animal Fighting Amendment Ė VICTORY!
    The passage of this amendment by the full House (222-179) is the first hurdle in getting $800,000 earmarked for the enforcement of new federal laws to curb illegal animal fighting rings. Additionally, the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee included the $800,000 in the bill that it is reporting to the Senate. We simply need to see that the House-Senate Conference Committee follows the action of both chambers to see this measure finalized. See how your Rep voted at
  1. The Captive Exotic Animal Safety Act (H.R. 1006) Ė VICTORY!
    H.R 1006 cleared the House Resources committee this week. The Senate version of that bill, S. 269, looks like it will soon be passed in the Environmental and Public Works Committee. This bill will end interstate transport of animals such as lions, tigers, and panthers for the exotic pet trade. To see how your Rep voted, go to:
  2. The Ackerman-LaTourette Downed Animal Protection Amendment Ė Defeat
    The amendment to protect sick, injured livestock from being dragged, beaten, and pushed with bulldozers to the slaughterhouse killing floor was defeated by only three votes (199-202)! This extremely close vote shows that we have just a little more work to do to secure the majority. To see how your Rep voted, go to:
  1. Rahall Bison Protection AmendmentóDefeat
    Although the vote was close, on Thursday evening (7/17), the House of Representatives defeated this amendment (199-220) that would have prevented taxpayer money from paying for the slaughter of Yellowstone Park bison by the National Park Service. To see how your Rep voted on the Bison Amendment, go to:
  2. Gallegly-Moran "Donít Feed the Bears" Amendment--Defeat
    Although this legislation was defeated as an amendment (163-255) to the Interior Appropriations bill, the free-standing bill, H.R. 1472, is still alive and may be voted on in the future; stay tuned for updates on the voting schedule for H.R. 1472. To see how your Rep voted on the Bear Baiting issue see:

Many members of Congress told us they voted against our animal-protection amendments because of pressure from special interest groups like the NRA. Itís going to be a tough fight, but now is the time to let your legislators know that animal-protection advocates are numerous and determined and won't give up, even in the face of opposition from the animal abuse industries. Give your legislators a call and let them know how you feel about their votes on these issues. All federal Reps. can be reached through the Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121. If you need to look up the names of your U.S. Rep., go to, or call The HSUS at 202-955-3668.

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