Animals as Food



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Animals as Food
Comments by Channa - 25 Jun 2006

"God is not mocked. Whatsoever you sew, that shall you also reap."

It is known that memory is stored in the flesh (of animals and people), and is recalled via feelings. These memory "feelings" are located in the "subtle" body of most beings. They make psychic imprints the govern our moods and perspectives in our everyday Life...Our Karma is made up of such imprints, as we "record" our actions and experiences within the bodies we Live in.

A normal raised animal, or a free range animal, has mostly good memory with feelings of contentment, happiness, unity and the like stored with them. Also they are usually healthy, and stress-free, full of vitality and Life Energy (Love, Light, and Joy...the three basic ingredients that create "Life"). Life energy, also known as Prana, comes from the Sun, and is stored in the subtle body where if flows through our memories, feelings, emotions, imprints etc, giving us the way we experience our Life, (our Karma) day to day.

When one eats Flesh, all the memory, feelings, health, vitality (or lack of it), Life Energy, karmic imprints etc, are also eaten and become united with one's own Life within the subtle body.

Many animals are raised in Horrific conditions. They live Lives of pain, suffering, insanity, depression, anxiety, ill health, sickness and disease. "You Are What You Eat".

They are sold as food, (and other products). In the gross body, (the physical body), one may be eating flesh...but in the subtle body one is eating the total memory, feelings, imprints etc of the Life of the animal. Do this 3 or 4 times a day, for 20 or 30 years and one can suddenly find ones' body, mind, emotions and over-all health disintegrating rapidly.

They begin suffering in the same ways that the animals they've been eating for so many years suffered. They're "karma" holds nothing but misery...and their future gets shorter and grimmer by the day.

Some believers, some Christians included, think that they can do anything, even Live using negative harmful behaviors and practices and not pay the dues for such, because of Gifts like Grace and the like. Not so. Grace is a Gift we may use beneficially while we are changing our negative, harmful, habits and practices...not something that justifies them. Paul once said "I can do all things, But all things are not profitable" It is not true that one can participate in and support animal cruelty through eating habits, the products they buy, etc and not expect to pay the same dues as those that cause these disrespectful and evil practices to occur.

Let us all become more aware of our daily habits, practices, and attitudes towards Nature, specifically animals. Trying as much as we are able, to Live in Peace and Harmony with all creatures, as we respect and take care of this wonderful world.


Channa :)

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