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July - August
Beyond the Lies tour dates
MANY states

July - August
Animal Law Summer School
Free - Online

July - August 30
Buffalo Field Campaign Summer Volunteers
Yellowstone National Park

July 18
Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival
Atlantic City NJ

July 20 - 21
New Harvest 2018
Cambridge MA

July 20 - 23
Taking Action for Animals Conference
Arlington VA

July 21
VegFest Houston
Houston TX

July 21
4th Annual Compassionfest
Hamden CT

July 21 22
VegOut Portland
Portland OR

July 22-25
Fifth Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School
Oxford England

July 23-27, July 30-August 3
Camp Kindness - Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Saugerties NY

July 24-29
All Vegan Summer Camp
Tijeras NM

July 28
Spokane VegFest 2018
Spokane WA

July 28
San Jose Veggie Fest 2018
San Jose CA

July 28 - 29
VegFest Colorado
Broomfield CO

August 4
St. Louis Veg Fest
St. Louis MO

August 4
Pittsburgh VegFest
Pittsburgh PA

August 5
WNY VegFest
Buffalo NY

August 10 - 11
6th Annual International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine
Washington DC

August 11
Toronto Food and Drink Festival

August 11
Black VegFest
Brooklyn NY 

August 13 - 16
Solutionary Program Summer Institute
South Portland ME

August 17 - 19
UK Vegan Camp-Out 2018
Nottingham, UK

August 18
Sonoma County VegFest
Santa Rosa CA

August 18
ISAR Seeks International Homeless Animals' Day 2018 Volunteer Representative From Every Country

August 18-19
VegFest Kansas City
Kansas City MO

August 18
Triangle VegFest
Durham NC

August 19-26
Woodstock Fruit Festival
Camp Walden NY

August 24-26
Compassion-in-Action Conference (Colleen Patrick Goudreau)
Oakland CA

August 25
Vegan SoulFest
Baltimore MD

August 25
Columbus VegFest
Columbus OH

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
Portland OR

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
New York NY

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
London UK

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
Toronto Canada

August 30
Fight For The Ocean

September 1
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
Copenhagen Denmark

September 6-9
International Animal Rights Conference 2018

September 8
Madison Veg Fest
Madison WI

September 8
Justice for Animals - ALDF Fundraising Gala
Los Angeles CA

September 10-13
Ecumenical Animal Welfare Retreat
Leeds UK

September 15
DC VegFest
Washington DC

September 15
Anti-Fur Society Conference
Manhattan NY

September 29
Vegas Vegfest
Las Vegas NV

September 29
Vegan Roots Fest
Charlottesville VA

September 29-30
New York Food and Drink Festival
New York City

October 6-7
2018 17th Annual North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies
Boulder CO 

October 11-13
Animals and Us: Research, Policy and Practice
Windsor, Ontario

October 12-14
Law and the Farmed Animal - Policy, Advocacy and Culture
Chicago IL

October 13
Chicago VeganMania
Chicago IL

October 26-28
Vegan World 2026! Conference
Tempe AZ

November 2-3
Animal Machines / Machine Animals
Exeter UK

November 3
United Against Speciesism - March
Phoenix AZ

November 3-4
Hudson Valley VegFest
Hudson Valley NY

November 11
VegOut Tucson
Tucson AZ

November 9-11
2018 International Captive Wildlife Conference
Burbank CA


February 20 - March 1
Vegan Antarctica Cruise 

March 15-17
2019 Shamayim V'Aretz Retreat
Baltimore MD 

2021 Yes...2021!

December 18, 2021
Animal Liberation Day
Washington DC

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Movies / Videos / Documentaries

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