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46 Million Turkeys Project

November 16 - December 6
The Vegan Way of Living - Live and Let Live
Free Telesummit

November 22 - 28
Protest the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act: Support Our Activists

November 26
Tofurky Trot 2015
Rose Bowl, Pasadena

November 27
Fur Free Friday - PETA
Fur Free Friday - Last Chance for Animals
Fur Free Friday - In Defense of Animals

December 4 - 7
People's Harvest Forum
San Francisco

December 5 - 6
VegFest Scotland



February 3
Protest Safari Club International Convention
Las Vegas

April 9
Vegas Vegfest
Las Vegas

April 30
Save the Frogs! Day

June 21 - 23
Institute for Critical Animal Studies
Edmonton, Alberta

July 29-31
World Vegan Summit
Berkeley CA

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