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April 21 - July 15
Hip Hop Green Dinners National Tour

April 30 - May 8
5th Annual Food Revolution Summit
Free Online

May 4
International Respect for Chickens Day

May 7
Empty the Tanks Day

May 7
Cleveland VegFest
Cleveland OH

May 7
Milwaukee Veg Expo
Wauwatosa WI

May 7 - 8
NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
New York City

May 20
Rattie Uprising Traveling Art Exhibit
Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco

May 21
Animal Law Symposium
Los Angeles

May 21 - 22
Mostra Internactional de Cinema Pelos Animals [6th International Film Festival for the Animals]
Curitaba Brazil

May 23
World Turtle Day

May 25
Direct Action Everywhere DxE Forum 2016
Location TBA

May 27 - 28
Paris Conference on Making Milk: The Past, Pesent and Future of Our Primary Food
Paris France

May 28 - 29
Compassion Immersion Retreat with Colleen Patrick Goudreau
Oakland CA

June 4
9th Albany VegFest
Albany NY

June 4 - 5
Ottawa Veg Fest
Ottawa Canada

June 4
Beagle Ball (5th Beagle Freedom Project Gala)
Hollywood CA

June 5
The National Animal Right Day (NARD) Events

June 16
The Summit for the Animals
Arlington VA

June 21 - 23
Institute for Critical Animal Studies
Edmonton, Alberta

July 6 - 10
Vegetarian Summerfest
Johnstown PA

July 7 - 10
National Animal Rights Conference
Los Angeles

July 7 - 10
3-Day Animal Rights Grassroots Escalation Workshop

July 23
Spokane VegFest
Spokane WA

July 29 - 31
World Vegan Summit
Berkeley CA

August 27
South Florida VeganFest 2016
Tamarac FL

September 24
DC VegFest
Washington DC

October 22 - 23
Portland VegFest
Portland OR

Cruelty Free Fashion Show and Anti-Fur Society Vegan Conference

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