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American Vegan Society
All over the U.S.!

February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

February 12 - 18
Buffalo Field Campaign Week of Action

February 17
2nd Annual Gainesville VegFest
Gainesville FL

February 20 - March 2
Plant-Based Transformation Summit
Free Online Interview Series

February 24
PHX Vegan Food Festival
Phoenix AZ

February 25
Puerto Rico Vegan Fest
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

March 1-2
Thinking About Animals Conference
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

March 3
Northeast Florida Veg Fest
Jacksonville FL

March 10
United Poultry Concerns' Seventh Annual Conscious Eating Conference
Berkeley CA

March 16
269 Life vs. ITR Animal Torture LAB Round 2
Quebec City Canada

March 25
Vegan Street Fair - Los Angeles
North Hollywood CA

April 7
Texas Vegfest
Austin TX

April 7
3rd Annual Nashville VegFest
Nashville TX

April 7
Anti-Fur Society Conference
Soho NY

April 7 - 8
Seattle Vegfest
Seattle WA

April 21
Central Florida Earth Day 2018
Orlando FL

April 22
Berkeley Earth Day 2018
Berkeley CA

April 22
San Diego EarthWorks' 29th Annual EarthFair 2018
Balboa Park CA

April 27 - 28
The Save the Frogs World Summit
Northern Virginia

April 29
Michigan VegFest
Novi MI

April 29
New England VegFest
Worcester MA

May 3 - 4
Animals on the Mind 3.0
Denver CO

May 3 - 6
Liberating the People, Land and Animals - Palestine Animal Rights Conference
Ramallah, Palestine

May 6
Los Angeles VegFest
Encino CA

May 19
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary's Vegan May Fest
Angleton TX

May 23 - 29
DxE Animal Liberation Conference
Berkeley CA 

June 2
Albany Vegfest
Albany NY

June 28 - July 1
FARM National Animal Rights Conference
Los Angeles 

July 4 - 8
Summerfest 2018
Johnstown PA

July 11 - 13
Food for Life Certification Training
Washington DC

July 18
Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival
Atlantic City NJ

July 21
4th Annual Compassionfest
Hamden CT

August 17 - 19
UK Vegan Camp-Out 2018
Nottingham, UK

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
Portland OR

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
New York NY

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
London UK

August 25
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
Toronto Canada

September 1
The Official Animal Rights March 2018
Copenhagen Denmark

2021 Yes...2021!

December 18, 2021
Animal Liberation Day
Washington DC

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