Putting Glass Walls on Arizona Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
JBS Tolleson, Inc.

Address: 651 South 91st Ave., Tolleson, AZ 85353
Establishment No.: 00267 M or M267

USDA Inspection Report: 10 July 2010

Code: 06D02
Violation:  310.3


At 0745 hours a carcass was railed out by an online inspector for Veterinary disposition. The carcass was tagged with US retain tag number 49699784. The viscera was presented with a company blood tag number 023 and the US retain tag #49699784. The carcass arrived at the disposition area identified with the US Retain tag #49699784 on each side and a company blood tag number 023. 15 minutes later the head was delivered to the veterinarian with the US retain tag #49699784 and the company blood tag number 026. This carcass was the first carcass to be presented for final disposition by the PHV for the day. The numbers indicated that the head did not belong to the carcass being presented for disposition. The company was notified immediately of this situation and verbally notified of this Non-Compliance Record. According to 9CFR 310.3, the carcass and all its parts of an animal identified by program personnel for disposition by PHV shall be maintained until final disposition is completed. It is company policy to identify the head, viscera and carcass of these animals with a tagging system. Company personnel monitor this system of tags to ensure that the head, viscera and carcass are properly applied in a timely manner and delivered to the final disposition table. The carcass and parts presented for disposition were condemned by the Veterinarian, Head #023 was never identified so the Company removed all the barrels of product containing head meat parts from the first lot (#601) of production to include product from head #001 through head #026. This product was later disposed of by placing it into the rendering dump. No affected product was allowed to enter commerce.


310.3 Carcasses and parts in certain instances to be retained. Each carcass, including all detached organs and other parts, in which any lesion or other condition is found that might render the meat or any part unfit for food purposes, or otherwise adulterated, and which for that reason would require a subsequent inspection, shall be retained by the Program employee at the time of inspection. The identity of every such retained carcass, detached organ, or other part shall be maintained until the final inspection has been completed. Retained carcasses shall not be washed or trimmed unless authorized by the Program employee.

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