Putting Glass Walls on Delaware Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Allen Harim Foods, LLC.

Address: 18752 Harbeson Road, Harbeson, DE 19951
Establishment No.: P935

USDA Inspection Report: 23 Dec 2011

Code: 04A06
Violation: 381.84, 381.79

Citation: This morning at the salvage reprocessing station I watched as an employee was in the process of salvaging a poultry carcass with a longitudinal cut down the back, identifying the USDA inspector determined during post mortem inspection that the carcass was to be destined for Air Sac Salvage. I watched as both whole wings were salvaged, instead of removal from the radius wing joint as described in the establishment’s airsacculitis salvage procedure. These wings were then tossed into the wholesome product salvage totes. Plant procedure states: I immediately initiated a regulatory control action rejecting salvage operations with U.S.Reject tag #B34292631. One tote of salvage wings was retained with U.S.Retain tag #B34292632 at 0532 hours. Shift Manager and Supervisor was notified and observed the noncompliance. Management opted to condemn the affected product. Regulatory control was relinquished after Ms. had employees retrained and proposed keeping Supervision in the salvage area to monitor salvage operation procedures for the rest of the day. Regulatory requirements 9 CFR 381.79 and 381.84 were not met as well as the establishments salvage procedure. , Acting Plant Manager is hereby notified of the establishment’s failure to comply with regulatory requirements and that the official control action was initiated as per Rules of Practice 9 CFR 500.2(a)(1)(2)(b). This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in additional regulatory and or administrative action in accordance with 9 CFR 500.4.


381.84 Carcasses of poultry with evidence of extensive involvement of the air sacs with airsacculitis or those showing airsacculitis along with systemic changes shall be condemned. Less affected carcasses may be passed for food after complete removal and condemnation of all affected tissues including the exudate.

381.79 Each carcass and all organs and other parts of carcasses which are found to be not adulterated shall be passed for human food.

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