Putting Glass Walls on New Jersey's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Their Closed Doors:
Seugling Meat Packing, Inc.

Address: 9 Mandeville Ave, Pequannock NJ 07440
Establishment No.: 18736

USDA Inspection Report: 23 May 2006

Date: 23-May-06
Code: 04C02
Violation of: 313.1

At approx. 09:15 Hours, while performing Ante mortem Inspection I found the following:
1) In the holding Pen next to the kill floor area, I found screws protruding from boards on the top of the feeder bin in three places. I also found a broken board on the feeder. Also found was some wire mesh with pointed wire to the side of the feeder. All were located on the right and left side near the entrance to the pen. In the small Holding area by the kill floor, I found a metal separation Panel that was rusty and broken and with a sharp edge on the bottom of the metal panel. The requirements of regulation 313.1(03) were not met. A Mr. Robert Seugling, Vice president, was informed of these noncompliances. No animals found to be injured by these noncompliances.

313.1 Livestock pens, driveways and ramps.
(a) Livestock pens, driveways and ramps shall be maintained in good repair. They shall be free from sharp or protruding objects which may, in the opinion of the inspector, cause injury or pain to the animals. Loose boards, splintered or broken planking, and unnecessary openings where the head, feet, or legs of an animal may be injured shall be repaired.
(b) Floors of livestock pens, ramps, and driveways shall be constructed and maintained so as to provide good footing for livestock. Slip resistant or waffled floor surfaces, cleated ramps and the use of sand, as appropriate, during winter months are examples of acceptable conctruction and maintenance.
(c) U.S. Suspects (as defined in 301.2(xxx)) and dying, diseased, and disabled livestock (as defined in 301.2(y)) shall be provided with a covered pen sufficient, in the opinion of the inspector, to protect them from the adverse climatic conditions of the locale while awaiting disposition by the inspector.
(d) Livestock pens and driveways shall be so arranged that sharp corners and direction reversal of driven animals are minimized.
[44 FR 68813, Nov. 30, 1979, as amended at 53 FR 49848, Dec. 12, 1988]

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