Putting Glass Walls on New Jersey's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Their Closed Doors:
Seugling Meat Packing, Inc.

Address: 9 Mandeville Ave, Pequannock NJ 07440
Establishment No.: 18736

USDA Inspection Report: 5 May 2009

Code: 01B02
Violation of: 416.13(a)

Citation: On 0900 hours the following was observed. After plant management told USDA inspection that they had conducted pre-operational sanitation. On the slaughter floor, the pan that holds the viscera had residue from previous day production, the wall had meat on it from previous day production. I then informed Robert Seugling Jr. production supervisor about my findings. No tag was used the pans and walls, were clean immediately, Regulations 416.13 (a), states that each official establishment, shall conduct the pre-operational procedure in the SSOP before the start of operations. Regulation 9 CFR 416.13 (a) was not met.

Regulation: Each official establishment shall conduct the pre-operational procedures in the Sanitation SOP’s before the start of operations.

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