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Cargill Meat Solutions Corp.

Address: Rt. 706, Wyalusing PA 18853
Establishment No.: m09400

USDA Inspection Report: 14 Feb 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation: 310.22(f)(1)(ii)

Citation: On 2/14/11 , while performing HACCP procedure code 03J02 ,slaughter , It was brought to my attention by Inspector [redacted] that the plant did not sterilize the splitter saw between over 30 month old cattle and under 30 month old cattle. Upon notification I observed the establishment splitting a carcass that the plant had identified as being over 30 months old and subsequently splitting 2 carcasses that were identified as being under 30 months old without sterilizing the splitter saw. A regulatory control action was taken by stopping the line and notifying management and the 2 carcasses mentioned were retained and were handled as being over 30 month old cattle. The splitting saw sterilizer is not operational at this time and is not being used , there is a continuous 180 degree water supplied to the saw for internal sterilization but the saw did not get sterilized on the external contact areas to prevent cross contamination of SRM material. Failure to control and or eliminate this type of noncompliance could result in further regulatory and or administrative control measures. This is a violation of plants pre-requisite program for SRM's and is a noncompliance with Meat and Poultry regulation 9CFR310.22(f)(1)(ii).


310.22(f)(1)(ii) Sanitation of equipment used to cut through specified risk materials. If an establishment that slaughters cattle, or that processes the carcasses or parts from cattle, does not segregate the carcasses and parts from cattle 30 months of age and older from the carcasses and parts from cattle younger than 30 months during processing operations it must:
Clean and sanitize equipment used to cut through specified risk materials before the equipment is used on carcasses or parts from cattle younger than 30 months of age.


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