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Cargill Meat Solutions Corp.

Address: Rt. 706, Wyalusing PA 18853
Establishment No.: m09400

USDA Inspection Report: 20 Mar 2012

Code: 01B02
Violation: 416.13(c), 416.4(a), 416.4(b)

Citation: On March 20, 2011 at approximately 0535 hours while performing Pre-Operational Sanitation Inspection on the dressing floor I observed the following noncompliances: Aight Bone Saw with a piece of fat on the end of the blade where it attaches. This piece of fat measured approximately one half inch by an one and one half inch. I also noted that the hock blow off shield had a build up of hair and foreign material on the bottom lip measuring approximately two inches by seven feet and approximately one quarter of an inch thick. Two employee swipe card holder in the hallway leading to the dressing floor covered with rust. This rust encompassed approximately eighty percent of the surface area of these two employee swipe card holders. A U.S. Reject tag #B39251700 was applied to these swipe card holders. Two plastic SRM knife holders in the head dropping area that were cut/pitted completely covering the bottom area and sides, and stained a brownish color with black imbedded in several of the cut/pitted areas. Tail conveyor from the tail harvesting area to the tail trim area with fat and meat scraps from the previous days production. This fat and meat was on the guide bars for the white plastic conveyor, and the inside framework of this tail conveyor. This fat and meat residue was on approximately ten percent of the guide bars, and approximately thirty percent of the inside framework. These particles of meat and fat ranged in size from one eighth of an inch to one quarter of an inch by two inches and were too numerous to count. This tail conveyor was locked out with a USDA lock out lock until acceptable. There was no indication that these noncompliances were identified by the establishment. No product was affected since these noncompliances were found on Pre-Operational Sanitation Inspection. Ms. [redacted] QA, and Mr. [redacted] QA were notified of my findings.


416.13(c) Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOPís.

416.4(a) All food-contact surfaces, including food-contact surfaces of utensils and equipment, must be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as necessary to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and the adulteration of product.

416.4(b) Non-food-contact surfaces of facilities, equipment, and utensils used in the operation of the establishment must be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as necessary to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and the adulteration of product.


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