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Cargill Meat Solutions Corp.

Address: Rt. 706, Wyalusing PA 18853
Establishment No.: m09400

USDA Inspection Report: 29 May 2012

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.15

Citation: On May 29, 2012 at approximately 1022 hours while verifying establishment M9400s stunning methods and effectiveness HATS categories VIII and IX, Dr. [redacted] PHV and Dr. [redacted] IIC, SPHV traveled up the catwalk in the area adjacent to the serpentine chutes to observe humane handling activities of the establishment employees. The final destination was the platform adjacent to the employee performing the stunning at the V-restrainer. We observed Mr. [redacted] Pens Supervisor, stunning dairy cows in the V-restrainer. We observed Mr. [redacted] stun approximately one dozen cows prior to the incident in question. In each of these earlier stunnings, the technique was performed satisfactorily using sometimes a hand-held captive bolt and sometimes the pneumatic captive bolt device. We did observe that the operation this morning didnt seem to flow as smoothly as in previous days when weve observed the procedure. The unusually hot, humid weather could have been an issue that made the cattle seem a bit uncomfortable and restless with more head movement and more rapid breathing than would be normal. Regardless of the cause, Dr. [redacted] and Dr. [redacted] both noticed that on the incident dairy cow in particular, she was moving her head side to side more than most cows, and that Mr. [redacted] had to follow her over quite a large area before he felt comfortable activating the pneumatic captive bolt. The cow moved her head to the right, just at the moment he pulled the trigger. It was obvious that the stunning was misdirected. The initial misplaced stun was approximately one inch medial to the center of the bony orbit of the left eye. To Mr. [redacted] credit, he immediately reached for and secured the hand-held captive bolt. The cow continued to move her head side to side. She never vocalized. The immediate second stun rendered the cow unconscious. Dr. [redacted] and Dr. [redacted] quickly exited the stunning area to go to the area where the stunned cattle are exsanguinated. Upon entering the area Dr. [redacted] immediately called for the line to be stopped so he could assess the cow for insensibility and to evaluate the position of the two stunning wounds. The cow never showed any signs of sensibility after the second stunning.

Dr. [redacted] determined that a Noncompliance Record, in lieu of other regulatory enforcement actions, would be the appropriate response to this situation because of the following reasons:

1) Establishment M9400 has a robust systematic plan in place for humane handling,
2) The robust systematic humane handling plan is being implemented successfully every day,
3) The establishment supervisor, Mr. took the appropriate corrective action following the misplaced stun by immediately obtaining the second stunning device and waiting the few seconds required until the second stun could be effectively administered, and
4) The plant has a commendable record of good performance because humane handling NRs for misplaced stunning in the V-restrainer are rare at this establishment.

This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirement(s) could result in additional regulatory or administrative action(s).


313.15 The slaughtering of sheep, swine, goats, calves, cattle, horses, mules, and other equines by using captive bolt stunners and the handling in connection therewith, in compliance with the provisions contained in this section, are hereby designated and approved as humane methods of slaughtering and handling of such animals under the Act.


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