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T.P. Cunningham Meats

Address: 81 Cunningham Rd, Indiana PA, 15701
Establishment No.: m09410

USDA Inspection Report: 9 Jul 2010

Code: 03B01
Violation: 417.2(c)(7)

Citation: 9 July 2010 at approximately 1045 while performing an unscheduled 03B01, I observed the following non compliance. This Nr is linked to Nr # 7 dated 9 July 2010. The failure to perform verification testing as required by establishment 09410 M's HACCP plan as documented in Nr # 7 dated July 9, 2010 caused me to review all of establishment 09410 M verification testing. This expanded search discovered that the establishment HACCP plan also [redacted] I questioned owner Scott Cunningham if he had conducted his quarterly testing of finished raw beef products for the quarter ending June 30, 2010 as required by his HACCP plan. Scott said that he forgotten to collect the sample and agreed to provide a written response in blocks twelve and thirteen below. Together we then reviewed the e-coli test result starting with calendar year 2009. The establishment had conducted all testing as required including the monthly carcass testing, which excises tissue from in house slaughtered animals and utilizes the n-60 collection method. The tests were analyzed using a robust method and all the results were negative. This is to document that your failure to comply with the regulatory requirements of 9 C.F.R 417.2(c)(7) conducting verification testing at the specified frequency, could result in additional regulatory or administrative actions.


417.2(c)(7) List the verification procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that the establishment will use in accordance with 417.4 of this part.


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