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Steely Meats

Address: 54 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Fayetteville PA, 17222
Establishment No.: m09423

USDA Inspection Report: 1 Nov 2011

Code:  04C02
Violation: 313.16

Citation: At approximately 0830 hours, while I was performing my post-mortem inspection duties, Dr. [redacted] and I observed the following noncompliance. We observed an establishment employee attempt stunning of a beef cow by gunshot. The shot delivered was not sufficient to produce immediate unconsciousness in the animal. FSIS did not directly observe the exact location of the gun placement on the head before firing. Upon closer observation, we saw that the steer was breathing rhythmically and had an intact palpebral reflex. The head of the cattle was upright and the animal was attempting to sit up but was unable to do so. The animal was not vocalizing during this time. Second gunshot was immediately fired by plant employee to render unconscious the animal with a minimum of excitement and discomfort. The location that the barrel was placed on the head appeared to be correct by our observation. The establishment has a written humane handling program which includes corrective actions for inhumane acts and humane handling monitoring activities. Plant management Mr. [redacted] was immediately notified. I also informed plant management that this document serves as written notification that failure to comply with the regulatory requirements could result in additional regulatory or administrative actions.
This is a failure to comply with the following regulation:
9 CFR 313.16 - Mechanical; gunshot which clearly states: (a) Utilization of firearms, required effect; handling. (1) The firearms shall be employed in the delivery of a bullet or projectile into the animal in accordance with this section so as to produce immediate unconsciousness in the animal by a single shot before it is shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut. The animal shall be shot in such a manner that they will be rendered unconscious with a minimum of excitement and discomfort


313.16 The slaughtering of cattle, calves, sheep, swine, goats, horses, mules, and other equines by shooting with firearms and the handling in connection therewith, in compliance with the provisions contained in this section, are hereby designated and approved as humane methods of slaughtering and handling of such animals under the Act.


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