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Espey’s Meat Market

Address: 319 Espey Lane Market, Scottsdale, PA 15683
Establishment No.: m09482

USDA Inspection Report: 27 Jul 2011

Code: 04B03
Violation: 317.1, 317.20, 317.21

Citation: While performing an 04B03 at 9:00 a.m. on the slaughter floor I checked the certification of the scale being used and found the certification to be out of date. All the others scales in the establishment had current certifications on them. Mr. [redacted] was asked about the carcass scale and he was unaware that it had not been certified with the rest of the scales. I was informed by Mr. [redacted] that he would contact the state to have the scale certified as soon as possible. Since there are no animals to be slaughtered until next Wednesday and no animals to be weighted, no tagged was applied to the scaled. This scale is used entirely for carcass weights. Mr. [redacted] was informed that no animals could be weighted on that scale until it was certified. This is a violation of 317.20(c) and 317.21(a) which states "The operator of each official establishment that weights meat food products shall cause such scales to be tested for accuracy, in accordance with the technical requirements of NIST Handbook 44, at least once during the calendar year. Further investigation revealed that there have been no other violations of this nature in the last 60 days.


317.1(a) When, in an official establishment, any inspected and passed product is placed in any receptacle or covering constituting an immediate container, there shall be affixed to such container a label as described in § 317.2 except that the following do not have to bear such a label.

317.20 - 317.21 [Reserved]


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