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Werry’s Provision

Address: 360 West Overton Rd, Scottsdale, PA 15683
Establishment No.: m09489

USDA Inspection Report: 28 Feb 2011

Code: 06B01
Violation: 303.1(a)(2)(ii), 303.1(a)(2)(iii)

Citation: On 02/28/11 in the kill floor cooler was observed, 8 sides of Beef were hanging in the cooler with a piece of paper stuck to the carcasses with names on them but no markings of "Custom Not For Sale", also 5 lugs of meat sitting on the shelf s of racks in the same cooler also were not identified. This is a violation of; 303.1(a)(ii); 303.1(a)(2)(iii) Mr. was notified in writing and Mr. was notified verbally and in writing with this NR. No similar NR's were found in the last 60 days. A review of plant records showed that no action had been taken on the above deficiencies.


303.1(a)(2)(ii) If the custom operator prepares or handles any products for sale, they are kept separate and apart from the custom prepared products at all times while the latter are in his custody;

303.1(a)(2)(iii) The custom prepared products are plainly marked ‘‘Not for Sale’’ as provided in § 316.16 of this subchapter, immediately after being prepared and are kept so identified until delivered to the owner;


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