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Leidy’s Inc.

Address: 266 Cherry Lane, Souderton, PA 18964
Establishment No.: m09520

USDA Inspection Report: 15 Jul 2010

Code: 03J02
Violation: 310.18, 417.2(c)( 4)

Citation: On 7/15/10 at approximately 1230 hrs. Insp. [redacted] was performing a zero tolerance fecal check as part of ISP task 03J02. The following noncompliance was observed during his check. Est. 9520 slaughter HACCP plan [redacted] Also Est. 9520 utilizes a rail-out pre-requisite program to identify and segregate contaminated carcasses for additional trimming and re-examination. During his re-examination Insp. [redacted] observed an area of smeared fecal material approximately 2 in. x 2in. on the ham face above the aitch bone. [redacted] was immediately informed of the noncompliance and the affected area was trimmed under Insp. Hoffman's direct supervision. Because of the continued trend of this noncompliance, a regulatory control was taken at the time of this noncompliance. Verbal instruction and now in writing to discontinue the rail out procedure were given to plant management and online inspection personnel regarding carcass contamination. As of 7/15/10, the rail out procedure has been found to be ineffective and not to be used until management can demonstrate an effective solution to this problem. As stated in FSIS Directive 6420.2 part II,II.A.1.a "when online inspection program personnel find feces, ingesta, or milk, they should stop the slaughter line for carcass reexamination and rework by the establishment unless; i. the establishment has elected to provide a rail-out loop to rail contaminated carcasses off-line for reexamination, trimming, and positioning back on line for final inspection. and ii. the IIC has not determined that the establishments rail-out procedure is inadequate to prevent carcass accumulation or cross-contamination of other carcasses." A similar noncompliance was documented on NR# 19-2010 dated 6/11/10. Preventative measures described in NR# 19 were either not implemented or are ineffective. Continued failure to meet regulatory requirement could lead to further regulatory and/or administrative action.


310.18(a) Carcasses, organs, and other parts shall be handled in a sanitary manner to prevent contamination with fecal material, urine, bile, hair, dirt, or foreign matter; however, if contamination occurs, it shall be promptly removed in a manner satisfactory to the inspector.

417.2(c)( 4) List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits


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