Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors from FAUN Friends Of Animals United
Cofarro’s Custom Butchering

Address: RD#1, Box 184, Sugar Grove, PA 16350
Establishment No.: m09712

USDA Inspection Report: 10 Nov 2011

Code: 01D01
Violation: 416.2(b)(3)

Citation: Kill Floor has cracks in the floor.Holding Pens have cracks in the floor.Broken Wall by door in the holding pen area.Gap in knocking box door not tight fitting to wall and floor.Gap in bottom of door not tight fitting to floor in slaughter room. Processing Room Door has a small gap at the bottom of the door and exposed wood in door frame area.Gap at top of door to Establishment Office area. Screen Door in smokehose ara has small gap at bottom of door and 2 inches of broken screen in middle of door. New Freezer wood and block bricks used for storage rack not imprevious and hard to clean under it. Box Making and Box Storage Area block bricks and wood used to store boxes on not imprevious and not high enough off the floor for cleaning and inspection.Top Cooler walls in the cooler are not imprevious and need to be.Notified [redacted] 14:20 hrs.


416.2(b)(3) Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and other outside openings must be constructed and maintained to prevent the entrance of vermin, such as flies, rats, and mice.


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