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Cofarro’s Custom Butchering

Address: RD#1, Box 184, Sugar Grove, PA 16350
Establishment No.: m09712

USDA Inspection Report: 25 Apr 2012

Code: 04B04
Violation: 317.8

Citation: On 05 April 2012 State Compliance investigatior [redacted] found a box of product in the cooler at Wendy's Cafe where the packages were labeled "not for sale"! This product was produced by Coffero's Custom Butchering Est#09712.

Upon further investigation by myself it was discovered through interview and record keeping that the product in question was produced on 3/14/12 and that it was produced under inspection, and that the shipping date was 3/28/12 and that the Pre-shipment review was signed and dated 3/28/12 and that all Critical Control points had been acceptable.

There was 15 pounds of sweet sausage and 15 pounds of hot sausage shipped on the 3/28/12 and was produced on 3/14/12 and was acceptable at all CCP's as verified on the pre-shipment review dated and signed on 3/28 by Mr. [redacted]

Returned Product: There has been no returned product, I was informed by Mr. [redacted] that [redacted] allowed owner of Wendy's cafe to give remaining packages to her son, for his consumption.

The product was not chemically/ biologically adulterated but rather miss-labeled."Not For Sale".


317.8(a) No product or any of its wrappers, packaging, or other containers shall bear any false or misleading marking, label, or other labeling and no statement, word, picture, design, or device which conveys any false impression or gives any false indication of origin or quality or is otherwise false or misleading shall appear in any marking or other labeling. No product shall be wholly or partly enclosed in any wrapper, packaging, or other container that is so made, formed, or filled as to be misleading.


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