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Leona Meat Plant

Address: RR#2 Leona Rd, Troy, PA 16947
Establishment No.: m09784

USDA Inspection Report: 6 Jul 2010

Code: 01B02
Violation: 416.4(a)

Citation: On 7/6/10 at approximately 0700 while performing pre-operational SSOP on the kill floor I observed the following deficiencies: 1. splitting saw had meat and fat particles inside housing covers , meat , fat and hair on blade guides. 2. Hand saws (2) had meat and fat on blades and tension devices. 3. sprayer used to apply the intervention is broken . These deficiencies are deviations from plants SSOP and are noncompliance's with meat and poultry regulation 9CFR 416.4(a) . There was no indication that these noncompliance's were observed by the establishment. Failure to control and or eliminate these types of noncompliance's could result in further regulatory and or administrative control actions . Past Similar NRs - Previous Ineffective Plant Actions: NR is still open , previous correction not effective NR: 21-2010 dated 6/7/2010


416.4(a) All food-contact surfaces, including food-contact surfaces of utensils and equipment, must be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as necessary to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and the adulteration of product.


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