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Leona Meat Plant

Address: RR#2 Leona Rd, Troy, PA 16947
Establishment No.: m09784

USDA Inspection Report: 13 Oct 2011

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.2

Citation: On 10/13/2011 at approximately 0825, I observed the following noncompliance. I walked up to the door and looked through the window between the inedable room and the pen area and observed a pick-up backed up to the unloading dock with the tailgate down, there was approximately a one foot drop to the loading dock floor. An excited lamb jumped off to the loading dock floor. The lamb was not injured. I informed Mr. [redacted] of the noncompliance. Mr. [redacted] informed me he would talk to the customer and explain that this was an unacceptable way to unload.


313.2(a) Driving of livestock from the unloading ramps to the holding pens and from the holding pens to the stunning area shall be done with a minimum of excitement and discomfort to the animals. Livestock shall not be forced to move faster than a normal walking speed.


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