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Cabin Hollow Butcher Shop

Address: 156 Old Cabin Hollow Rd, Dillsburg, PA 17019
Establishment No.: m09819

USDA Inspection Report: 9 Nov 2011

Code: 06B01
Violation: 303.1(a)(2)(ii), 303.1(a)(2)(iii)

Citation: On Wednesday November, 9th at 1:45 p.m. the following non-compliance was observed: Upon entering the carcass cooler I noted two “skinned out” deer carcasses hanging from product trees. Each deer carcass was hung on either side of two inspected market swine carcasses in the cooler and neither appeared to be dressed or skinned in a sanitary manner. (They were not quite touching the inspected swine carcasses). They were also hanging in close proximity to where washed/inspected carcasses enter the cooler. There was also potential for product contact in the morning when inspected beef carcasses are quartered and the hinds are sent downward on the rail at a high rate of speed toward one of the deer carcasses and around the side of the cooler to enter the boning room. This fails to meet the requirements of 9 CFR 303.1(a) (2) (ii). Also, neither custom prepared deer carcass was stamped “not for sale” as is required by 9 CFR 303.1(a) (2) (iii) and 9 CFR 316.16. I notified Plant owner Mr. Gerald Jones of this non-compliance. He immediately had Plant Manager Mr. [redacted] stamp the deer carcasses “not for sale” and cover them in plastic to protect and separate from any potential contact with any inspected product.


303.1(a)(2)(ii) If the custom operator prepares or handles any products for sale, they are kept separate and apart from the custom prepared products at all times while the latter are in his custody;

303.1(a)(2)(iii) The custom prepared products are plainly marked ‘‘Not for Sale’’ as provided in § 316.16 of this subchapter, immediately after being prepared and are kept so identified until delivered to the owner;


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