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Natural Acres Meats (dba Troutman & Sons)

Address: 428 White Top Rd, Middleburg, PA 17842
Establishment No.: m09832

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Nov 2010

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.15

Citation: HAT Category VIII- Stunning Effectiveness. At approximately 1335 hours, Mr. [redacted] (GS-7) and I observed the stunning of the sixth and last hog to be slaughtered for the day. Mr. [redacted] (Slaughter Floor Lead) attempted to stun the pig with the captive bolt gun, after the 1st shot the pig was still standing. At this point the pig squealed one time. Bill then reloaded the gun and shot the pig again, at which time the pig fell and was unconscious. After observing the head it was found that the first shot entered right beside the left eye. I informed Mr. [redacted] (Slaughter Floor Lead Person ) he would be receiving a NR (noncompliance record) for humane handling. The above noncompliance is a violation of 9CFR 313.15


313.15 The slaughtering of sheep, swine, goats, calves, cattle, horses, mules, and other equines by using captive bolt stunners and the handling in connection therewith, in compliance with the provisions contained in this section, are hereby designated and approved as humane methods of slaughtering and handling of such animals under the Act. (a) Application of stunners, required effect; handling. (1) The captive bolt stunners shall be applied to the livestock in accordance with this section so as to produce immediate unconsciousness in the animals before they are shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut. The animals shall be stunned in such a manner that they will be rendered unconscious with a minimum of excitement and discomfort.


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