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Natural Acres Meats (dba Troutman & Sons)

Address: 428 White Top Rd, Middleburg, PA 17842
Establishment No.: m09832

USDA Inspection Report: 4 Mar 2011

Code: 06D01
Violation: 416.4(b)

Citation: At approximately 0600, while performing ISP code 01B02, I observed the following 06D01 (facility) noncompliances: 1. The slaughter floor office was found to need cleaned. The desk was in disarray with various garbage and equipment strewn on the desk. The floor had product residue and garbage covering the majority of the floor area. The shelves and the top of the file cabinet had paraphernalia stacked on them. I tagged this area with USDA tag #B19169305 at 0600 after the area was cleaned I released the area at 0618 hours. 2. The furnace/storage area was not properly cleaned. The closet doors were covered in dry blood. The floors had product residue (fat, meat) in several areas of the floor. The above areas were discussed in the weekly USDA/Plant exit meeting on 02/11/2011. This discussion was with [redacted] (Plant Manager) at that time. I presented him a list of items that needed attention, these were two of the items. The list alluded to the fact these areas need to be kept in a sanitary manner. 3. The carcass wash area located on the slaughter floor had product residue (fat, meat) covering a majority of the floor space. 4. The floor of the knocking pen had blood in the grooves, this was from previous production. Areas 2, 3, and 4 were cleaned in my presence. In 2nd processing room I observed that the undersides of the grinders and the metal packing table have a protein build-up covering them. These areas are to be addressed by 03/07/11. This is a violation of 9CFR 416.4(b).


416.4(b) Non-food-contact surfaces of facilities, equipment, and utensils used in the operation of the establishment must be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as necessary to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and the adulteration of product.


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