Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Nicholas Meats, L.L.C.

Address: 72 Barrville Rd, Belleville, PA 17004
Establishment No.: m4465

USDA Inspection Report: 28 Oct 2010

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.2

Citation: HAT Category III - Water and Feed Availability This morning while performing ante mortem inspection in the pens around 0630, I observed 4 pens that had so many cattle in them that the individual animals had no means of accessing the one water trough in the pen. One side pen, approximately 8x16 feet had 6 large bulls. Pen 2, approximately 16x32 feet had 27 animals. Pen 4 A, approximately 16x16 feet, had 12 live and one dead animal in it, while Pen 4 B, the same size, had 15 animals in it. The company employee immediately moved some of the animals from the affected pens so no US Reject tag was used. I informed of the situation and he accompanied me to the barn to observe the conditions and corrective action taken. This is a violation of 9 CFR 313.2(e) which states that ....Animals shall have access to water in all holding pens.............


313.2(e) Animals shall have access to water in all holding pens and, if held longer than 24 hours, access to feed. There shall be sufficient room in the holding pen for animals held overnight to lie down.


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