Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Nicholas Meats, L.L.C.

Address: 72 Barrville Rd, Belleville, PA 17004
Establishment No.: m4465

USDA Inspection Report: 4 Oct 2011

Code: 06D01
Violation: 416.1, 416.4(d)

Citation: This afternoon at 1515 while entering the carcass cooler from the slaughter area I noticed condensation had accumulated overhead on the ventral surfaces of pipes and metal structures in the area where carcasses enter the cooler from the 'Chad'. I observed for a while and did not see any dripping onto carcasses. I placed 'US Rejected" Tag number 43737172 at the entrance to the Chad and had the line stopped so no carcasses would enter the cooler. I proceeded to the QA office and informed and of the regulatory control action. At 1535 I was informed that the condensation had been removed. I proceeded to the area and after confirming that proper sanitary conditions had been restored I removed the 'US Rejected' tag.


416.1 Each official establishment must be operated and maintained in a manner sufficient to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and to ensure that product is not adulterated.

416.4(d) Product must be protected from adulteration during processing, handling, storage, loading, and unloading at and during transportation from official establishments.


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