Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
North Mountain Butcher Shop

Address: 4722 Enola Rd, Newville PA, 17241
Establishment No.: m4788

USDA Inspection Report: 26 Aug 2011

Code: 1.00E+01
Violation: 310.25(a)

Citation: On Friday August 26th, while reviewing North Mountain Butcher Shop's E. coli testing results, the following non-compliance was noted.[newline]In the Regulatory thirteen carcass sponge sampling set for E.coli., the establishment did not take a sample during the first full production week after June first per Regulation. This failed to meet the requirement of 9 CFR 310.25(a)(v).


310.25(a) Criteria for verifying process control; E. coli testing. (1) Each official establishment that slaughters livestock must test for Escherichia coli Biotype 1 (E.coli) Establishments that slaughter more than one type of livestock or both livestock and poultry, shall test the type of livestock or poultry slaughtered in the greatest number. The establishment shal


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