Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Pudliner Packing

Address: 167 Norton Rd, Johnstown, PA 15906
Establishment No.: m4999

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Apr 2011

Code: 03J01
Violation: 310.22(a)(1), 310.22(a)(2)

Citation: At approximately 07:30 am on April 22, 2011 while performing PBIS task 03J01 a review of the records for 04/21/2011, the following noncompliance was observed. On 04/21/2011 there were 7 Beef and one Veal slaughtered on that date. On the SRM record management documented the removal of the SRM's from all seven cattle however, there is no documentation for the removal of the SRMs for the veal slaughtered on 04/21/2011. was verbally informed of the above noncompliance. This is a violation of 417.5 Records. (a) "The establishment shall maintain the following records documenting the establishment's HACCP plan: (1) The written hazard analysis prescribed in Sec. 417.2(a) of this part, including all supporting documentation;" 310.22(a)(1) "The brain, skull, eyes, trigeminal ganglia, spinal cord, vertebral column (excluding the vertebrae of the tail, the transverse processes of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, and the wings of the sacrum), and dorsal root ganglia from cattle 30 months of age and older;" and 310.22(a)(2) "(2) The distal ileum of the small intestine and the tonsils from all cattle." I reviewed the NR file and found no recent similar noncompliances.


310.22(a)(1) [Reserved]

310.22(a)(2) [Reserved]


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