Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Marcho Farms Inc.

Address: 419 Allentown Rd, Franconia, PA, 18924
Establishment No.: m7857

USDA Inspection Report: 23 Sep 2011

Code: 06D02
Violation: 310.3

Citation: At approximately 10:00 hours, I was performing post-mortem veterinary disposition and in the preparing to conduct an in-plant antimicrobial residue screening (KIS) test. There were no kidneys presented with US Retained carcass, viscera, and head MPD 64420861. The KIS test is unable to be performed due to the missing organs. The establishment was unable to clearly discern which kidneys belonged to the carcass in the condemn barrel adjacent to the weighing station, prior to entering the organic acid spray cabinet. I took regulatory control action by placing US retain tag# B28353436 on the barrel. Prior to the veterinary disposition, the online inspection personnel, took regulatory control action by stopping the viscera line, applying the blue US retain tags and informed establishment personnel that she would be retaining a carcass and all of its parts for veterinary disposition. The carcass and associated viscera and head were condemned for Pericarditis with associated systemic changes. I verified proper disposal of the carcass and its parts. I verbally notified Mr. QA Department and QA/Food Safety Manager, Mr. that this noncompliance would be documented in a noncompliance record. The establishment failed to comply with federal regulatory requirement 9 CFR 310.3.


310.3 Each carcass, including all detached organs and other parts, in which any lesion or other condition is found that might render the meat or any part unfit for food purposes, or otherwise adulterated, and which for that reason would require a subsequent inspection, shall be retained by the Program employee at the time of inspection. The identity of every such retained carcass, detached organ, or other part shall be maintained until the final inspection has been completed. Retained carcasses shall not be washed or trimmed unless authorized by the Program employee.


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