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Hatfield Quality Meats, Inc.

Address: 3150 Coffeetown Rd, Orefield, PA 18069
Establishment No.: m791

USDA Inspection Report: 24 Jul 2011

Code: 01C02
Violation: 416.13(c), 416.4(d)

Citation: At approximately 0950 hours, while performing sanitation operational verification in room 2149(Bacon Injection) the following noncompliances were observed: I observed a brownish product residue on the bottom part of the lower section of a belly stainless steel rack, that at this moment bellies were been hanged on it by one employee. This brownish residue at the moment of my observation was getting mixed with the cure that was dripping from the upper section of the bellies rack and for that reason the bellies that were located on lower were cross contaminated with the aforementioned dripping. At a closer look I observed eleven belly racks that were already completed that also presented the brownish residue mixing with the cure and dripping on the bellies located on to the lower section of racks. The dripping was light brown in color and constantly dripping on the lower bellies. When I touched the bottom of the lower section of the belly racks, I was able to observe the brownish residue on my fingers. I immediately took regulatory action and stopped the operation in the injection area. I also observed that All the stainless steel hangers and belly racks that were located in the area designated for “cleaned” ones, also had the brownish residue on the bottom of the lower section of the racks and some hangers also had small pieces of cooked bacon on them (this equipment was cleaned previous day operation (07/22/11). I informed and showed (Bacon Supervisor) and (QA). On 07/21/2011 while performing pre-operational sanitation verification I observed the same brownish residue on the racks and gave a verbal warning to Mr. (Bacon Supervisor) and also notified and showed to Mr. (QA) my observation. No product was affected in this occasion since all the racks and hangers were re cleaned and sanitized and reinspected by bacon injection personnel and me before they were used. I rejected the racks and hangers with U.S Retained/ Rejected tag no. 247622557 and retained the affected Bellies with Retained/ Rejected Tag no. 24762263. I reinspected approximately 2230 hours, 12 belly racks and found them in acceptable condition; I then relinquish regulatory control so they could be used to hang the reconditioned bellies. The rest of the belly racks and hangers were found acceptable, I then relinquished regulatory control action at approximately 2320 hours. At approximately 0020 all the affected bellies were reconditioned, I then relinquished regulatory control action. I reviewed the pre-operational record dated 07/24/2011(start pre-op 2005 hours and end 2020 hours) and showed deficiencies “–Bacon Injector –and –table were the assembly part located ".No SSOP deficiencies were documented prior to my findings in room 2149. This is a failure to comply with regulatory requirements 9CFR 416.3(a); 9 CFR 416.4(d) and establishment SSOP 3.4.1:1 that states [redacted]).


416.13(c) Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOP’s.

416.4(d) Product must be protected from adulteration during processing, handling, storage, loading, and unloading at and during transportation from official establishments.


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