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Eberly Poultry

Address: 1095 Mt. Airy Rd, Stevens, PA 17578
Establishment No.: p09965

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Nov 2010

Code: 06D01

Citation: At approximately 14:00 hours as I was walking around the outside premises of the Establishment I found the following non-compliance:The Establishment was transferring potable water from one well to the other and the opening of the well that the water was being transferred into was not covered which could have created an unsanitary condition. I informed [redacted] immediately of the non-compliance. This is a direct failure of 9CFR-416.2(e)(3).


416.2(e)(3) Plumbing. Plumbing systems must be installed and maintained to: Prevent adulteration of product, water supplies, equipment, and utensils and prevent the creation of insanitary conditions throughout the establishment;


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