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Eberly Poultry

Address: 1095 Mt. Airy Rd, Stevens, PA 17578
Establishment No.: p09965

USDA Inspection Report: 1 Aug 2011

Code: 03J01
Violation: 417.2(c)(4)

Citation: At approximately 1330 hours, while at the inspection station on the line, I observed the following: At the station where the paws are removed from the line and placed into a plastic tub for chilling, an employee slide the full tub away, tub #04, and replaced it with an empty tub, tub #02. He then put a label on the new empty tank that included the time, 1336. It is from this time that the chilling CCP, CCP 2B, is calculated. The critical limit for CCP [redacted] The employee then grabbed two large handfuls of the paws from the first tub, #04, and placed them into the new tub, #02 and then began to drag the first tub, #04, to the cooler. At this time, the inspector came back form break and replaced me on the line. I asked the employee to stop dragging the first tub, #04, and asked the QC, Ms. [redacted] to come over to the tubs. I then showed her the label on the first tub, #04, had a time of 1208. This meant that the critical limit had to be met by 1408. However, the employee had removed product from this tub and placed it into the new tub, #02, which had a time of 1336 on it and meant the product had until 1536 to reach the critical limit. Therefore, there would be no possible way to determine if the product placed in tub #02 from tub #04 reached the critical limit of [redacted] F or below within 2 hours as tub #02 would not be monitored within the proper time to determine if the critical limit was met. Regulatory control tag, tag number B40211759, was placed on tub #02. Ms. [redacted] QC, was verbally notified of the non-compliance. The establishment is not complying with 9CFR417.2(c)(4).


417.2(c)(4) List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits


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