Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Empire Kosher Poultry

Address: 1 River Rd, Juniata Cty, Mifflintown, PA 17059
Establishment No.: p1015

USDA Inspection Report: 15 Mar 2012

Code: 01C02
Violation: 416.3(a)

Citation: On 03/15/2012, at approximately 0500 hours while performing Operational SSOP Review and Observation in the Evisceration department, I performed a test to verify the concentration of chlorine used to wash the contaminated carcasses. The plants SSOP for operational sanitation requires the [redacted] A review of the plants monitoring record showed that there was a test performed with acceptable results prior to the start of operations as is required by the plants SSOP program. My test had a result of [redacted] ppm. Since the same lines feed the automatic chicken evisceration equipment, I took regulatory control action by stopping the evisceration line and informing QA. No USDA rejection tags were placed as I remained in the area until corrective actions were taken. QA performed a retest which was acceptable and I released the line. At 0510 hours, I performed another test with a result of 60 ppm. I stopped the line again and notified QA, I observed her perform several tests, one which had a result of [redacted] ppm. Additional retests by QA showed that the chlorine leveI was within the acceptable range of [redacted] ppm at reprocessing and at the opening cut machine on the evisceration line. I released the line at 0534 hours and notified Mr. the Evisceration supervisor. The establishment failed to comply with the requirements of 9 CFR 416.2.13(C), 9CFR 416.3(a), and it is own SSOP program.


416.3(a) Equipment and utensils used for processing or otherwise handling edible product or ingredients must be of such material and construction to facilitate thorough cleaning and to ensure that their use will not cause the adulteration of product during processing, handling, or storage. Equipment and utensils must be maintained in sanitary condition so as not to adulterate product.


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