Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Farmer’s Pride Inc.

Address: 154 West Main St, Fredricksburg, PA, 17026
Establishment No.: p1304

USDA Inspection Report: 2 Apr 2012

Code: 04B04
Violation: 441.1

Citation: At approximately 1150hrs on 4/2/12, while verifying the labels on the establishment's 5lb liver tubs, I requested one of the labeled and sealed boxes be opened for inspection. When the box was opened, none of the six tubs contained a retained water statement. This product is not air chilled and thus should have a retained water statement on each tub. The retained water statement and correct label could be found on the outer box. There were three more sealed boxes of product on the pallet which did not have the retained water statement. In addition, there were four more on the conveyor, in line to be labeled and sealed.[newline][newline]The retained water labeling requirement was previously discussed with the establishment at the begining of March of this year. The establishment had failed to place a retained water statement on the 5lb tubs of livers; however, the statement (less than 7% retained water) was on the label of the outer box which the product is shipped in. The establishment verbally informed USDA that they would place pressure sensitive stickers with the retained water statement on the primary display panel of each 5lb liver tub.  [newline]I notified (2nd processing lead) and (Packing Supervisor) verbally of the noncompliance. I observed as the retained water stickers were applied to the tubs and they were placed back in the boxes and on the conveyor. [newline]This noncompliance is a failure to comply with 9CFR 441.10(b). This document serves as written notification that further failure to comply with regulatory requirements may lead to additional administrative action.


441.10(b) Raw livestock and poultry carcasses and parts that retain water from post-evisceration processing and that are sold, transported, offered for sale or transportation, or received for transportation, in commerce, must bear a statement on the label in prominent letters and contiguous to the product name or elsewhere on the principal display panel of the label stating the maximum percentage of water that may be retained (e.g., ‘‘up to X% retained water,’’ ‘‘less than X% retained water,’’ ‘‘up to X% water added from processing’’). The percent water statement need not accompany the product name on other parts of the label. Raw livestock and poultry carcasses and parts that retain no water may bear a statement that no water is retained.


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