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Jaindl Turkey Sales Inc.

Address: 3150 Coffeetown Rd, Orefield, PA 18069
Establishment No.: p460

USDA Inspection Report: 19 Apr 2011

Code: 03G01
Violation: 417.2(b), 417.2(c), 417.2(d), 417.2(e), 417.5(a)(1), 417.5(a)(2), 417.5(a)(3), 417.6

Citation: On 04/19/11 at approximately 0930 hours, USDA personnel consisting of Dr. (FLS Sunbury Circuit), EIAO Dr. SPHV), and Inspector asked HAACP coordinator, for the turkey barbeque HACCP plan. The turkey barbeque was being produced at the time of the request. stated that she did not have the turkey barbeque plan and that it was supposed to be at the establishment around 1230. The IPP, under the direction of Dr. placed USDA retain tags (B24107232 through 35, B24107996 and 97) on all the turkey barbeque in the freezer (191 containers which were packaged as one, two, or 5 lb containers). US Retain tags B24207999 and B32679924 were placed on the two turkey barbeque cookers that contained product, and US retain tag B24107998 was placed on a product holding rack where finished product would be placed. Mr. was verbally notified of product retention. All product was retained because there was no HACCP plan made available to FSIS for the turkey barbeque. Also the establishment failed to follow their NOIE verification plan items #13 and 14 which stated that [redacted] Upon review of the establishment's SSOP's , the establishment failed to complete #17 and #18 in their verification plan. Under the rules of practice 9CFR 500.3, FSIS may take witholding actions if the establishment does not have a valid HACCP plan as specified in 417.2 and the establishment does not have Sanitation Standard Operating procedures as specified in 416.11- 416.12.


417.2(b)(1) Every establishment shall develop and implement a written HACCP plan covering each product produced by that establishment whenever a hazard analysis reveals one or more food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur, based on the hazard analysis conducted in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, including products in the following processing categories: (i) Slaughter—all species. (ii) Raw product—ground. (iii) Raw product—not ground. (iv) Thermally processed—commercially sterile. (v) Not heat treated—shelf stable. (vi) Heat treated—shelf stable. (vii) Fully cooked—not shelf stable. (viii) Heat treated but not fully cooked—not shelf stable. (ix) Product with secondary inhibitors— not shelf stable.

417.2(c) The contents of the HACCP plan. The HACCP plan shall, at a minimum: (1) List the food safety hazards identified in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, which must be controlled for each process.

417.2(d) Signing and dating the HACCP plan. (1) The HACCP plan shall be signed and dated by the responsible establishment individual. This signature shall signify that the establishment accepts and will implement the HACCP plan.

417.2(e) Pursuant to 21 U.S.C. 456, 463, 608, and 621, the failure of an establishment to develop and implement a HACCP plan that complies with this section, or to operate in accordance with the requirements of this part, may render the products produced under those conditions adulterated.

417.5(a)(1) The written hazard analysis prescribed in 417.2(a) of this part, including all supporting documentation

417.5(a)(2) The written HACCP plan, including decisionmaking documents associated with the selection and development of CCP’s and critical limits, and documents supporting both the monitoring and verification procedures selected and the frequency of those procedures.

417.5(a)(3) Records documenting the monitoring of CCP’s and their critical limits, including the recording of actual times, temperatures, or other quantifiable values, as prescribed in the establishment’s HACCP plan; the calibration of process-monitoring instruments; corrective actions, including all actions taken in response to a deviation; verification procedures and results; product code(s), product name or identity, or slaughter production lot. Each of these records shall include the date the record was made.

417.6(b) Establishment personnel are not performing tasks specified in the HACCP plan;


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