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B.C. Natural Chicken

Address: 2609 U.S. Rt 22, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p493

USDA Inspection Report: 18 Feb 2011

Code: 01C02
Violation: 416.15(a)

Citation: At approximately 1000hrs, I was notified that Inspector had located and set aside a carcass on the east line with approximately a 3 inch strip of black greasy material on the outside of the flap and leg. She had turned off the line. On verifying this finding, I also stopped the west line and notified (1st processing) and (Plant Manager). Earlier in the shift USDA found grease contamination of carcasses on both lines before and after the misters. The cause of the problem had been located and corrective actions were placed. While discussing the new findings we located a second carcass with drippings of black greasy material on the leg on the east line before entering the first inspection stand. informed me that he located the problem and was correcting it. Additional corrective actions were initiated, including reducing the line speed to [redacted] birds per minute and placing workers before and after the [redacted] misters to check for grease contamination. (QA Director) informed me that QA would do additional checks at the chiller exit every 15 minutes. The establishment's initial corrective actions were not sufficient to prevent the continued adulteration of product by rail grease. This is a noncompliance of 9CRF 416.15(a).


416.15(a) Each official establishment shall take appropriate corrective action(s) when either the establishment or FSIS determines that the establishment’s Sanitation SOP’s or the procedures specified therein, or the implementation or maintenance of the Sanitation SOP’s, may have failed to prevent direct contamination or adulteration of product(s).


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