Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
B.C. Natural Chicken

Address: 2609 U.S. Rt 22, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p493

USDA Inspection Report: 26 May 2011

Code: 01C02
Violation: 416.13(c), 416.15(a), 416.4(d)

Citation: On 05/ 26/2011, at 0950 hours I observed chicken on both the east and west evisceration lines just prior to the snova spray cabinets which had black greasy water dripping onto them from the chain of both evisceration lines. I took immediate regulatory control action by stopping both evisceration lines and notified Mr. First Processing Manager) and Mr. (Evisceration Supervisor) of the noncompliance. Mr. was aware that there was an issue at the post mortem inspection stations and had been notified by several inspectors of the noncompliance. A NR # 0043 was issued on 05/05/2011 for the same noncompliance to which the establishment stated that lines speeds were set at birds per minute to allow for proper inspection by the employees at the end of the line to inspect every bird prior to entering the chiller. There was a NR # 0058 dated 05/20/2011 issued for the same noncompliance which the establishment has never responded to in writing at this time. This is a violation of 9 CFR 416.15(a), 416.4(d) and 416.13(c). The establishment has been notified orally and in writing of this noncompliance. Failure to meet regulatory requirements could result in further administrative action as described in 9 CFR part 500. Please refer to NR # 0058 dated 05/20/2011 to which no action plan has been given.


416.13(c) Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOP’s.

416.15(a) Each official establishment shall take appropriate corrective action(s) when either the establishment or FSIS determines that the establishment’s Sanitation SOP’s or the procedures specified therein, or the implementation or maintenance of the Sanitation SOP’s, may have failed to prevent direct contamination or adulteration of product(s).

416.4(d) Product must be protected from adulteration during processing, handling, storage, loading, and unloading at and during transportation from official establishments.


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