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B.C. Natural Chicken

Address: 2609 U.S. Rt 22, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p493

USDA Inspection Report: 28 Jul 2011

Code: 06D02
Violation: 381.76(b)

Citation: At 0708 hours, while performing presentation verification (ISP Code 06D02) at the second inspection station on the East evisceration line, at a line speed of [redacted] birds per minute (bpm), presentation failed with a 10 bird total nonconformance weight of [redacted]. This failure consisted of 1 bird not hung by two legs (9 nonconformance factors each), 1 viscera on shackle (8 nonconformance factors each), 1 no viscera (20 nonconformance factors each), 3 membranes ( 2 nonconformance factors each), and 1 parts inside (1 nonconformance factors each). I immediately informed (First processing superintendant) and (QA Group Leader) of the establishment's failure to meet regulatory requirements. The line speed was reduced to [redacted] bpm QA performed retests starting at 0802 hours and failed, with the line speed being dropped to [redacted] bpm. QA, starting at 0918 hours began to pass their tests and continued to pass until the line speed was returned to [redacted] bpm. The establishment chose to remain at this speed for the time being and the presentation tests were concluded. Establishment management has received oral and writeen notification regarding this noncompliance. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in additional enforcement actions as described in 9CFR 500. Past similar NRs- See NR #0097-2011 dated 07/20/2011. Plant has not responded to this NR yet.


381.76(b) Presentation: Each inspector shall be flanked by an establishment employee assigned to be the inspector’s helper. The one inspector on the SIS–1 line shall be presented every bird. Each inspector on the SIS–2 line shall be presented every other bird on the line. An establishment employee shall present each bird to the inspector properly eviscerated with the back side toward the inspector and the viscera uniformly trailing or leading. Each inspector shall inspect the inside, viscera, and outside of all birds presented.


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