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B.C. Natural Chicken

Address: 2609 U.S. Rt 22, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p493

USDA Inspection Report: 11 Nov 2011

Code: 04C04
Violation: 381.76(b)

Citation: At approximately 0831 hours, while performing a 04C04 ISP Code procedure for Finished Product Standards (Processing/Trims Nonconformance) Test at the Pre-chill Station) on the West Evisceration Line, my test exceed the absolute limit of 30, the FPS for Processing Category on the test was not in the absolute limit. My test results subgroup total was 32, the processing nonconformance's were five (5) extraneous material <, three (3) extraneous material < 1/16, one (1) extraneous material >, one (1) oil glands-two whole glands, five (5) crop-partial-with mucosa, one (1) Crop-whole, four (4) feathers and/or pinfeathers, and one (1) feathers. I immediately notified (Quality Assurance) of my findings. (Evisceration Supervisor) was informed of my findings. Quality Assurance performed a retested for Finished Product Standard processing nonconformance's on the west evisceration line at 0835 hours, and failed the retest with a result of [redacted] with exceeded the tolerance for processing category. This placed the west evisceration line in action mode. I informed (Evisceration Supervisor) and Dr. (IIC) of the results. There was no post chill test perform using prechill criteria until the chicken carcasses exited the chilling at 0930 hours (Company Break for Packing Department). Quality Assurance performed two consecutive retested for Finished Product Standard on the west evisceration line at 0847 hours and 0859 hours for processing nonconformance's and both tests pass. Quality Assurance tags 2 carcasses with pink tags to mark the end of the failure mode at approximately 0906 hours. Quality Assurance performed Finished Product Standard for processing nonconformance's at the post chill station using prechill criteria's and pass at approximately 0930 hours, and 1000 hours. At approximately 1030 hours, the pink tags came out of the chiller marking the end of the failure mode. Establishment management has received oral and written communication concerning this noncompliance. This document serves as a written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirement could result in additional enforcement action described in 9 CFR part 500. Past Similar NRs - Previous Ineffective Plant Actions: No establishment response at this time. NR: 136-2011 dated 11/4/2011


381.76(b) Disposition: An inspector shall monitor the establishment’s application of the Finished Product Standards program and shall take corrective action including retaining product to prevent adulterated product from leaving the establishment when the inspector determines that the establishment has failed to apply the program as prescribed in paragraph (b)(3)(iv)(c) of this section).


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