Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
B.C. Natural Chicken

Address: 2609 U.S. Rt 22, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p493

USDA Inspection Report: 3 May 2012

Code: 01D01
Violation: 416.2(d), 416.3(a)

Citation: At approximately 8:45pm when entering the breast de-boning department I immediately smelled a strong objectionable odor of burning, sulfer, and smoke fumes.  Upon my investigating I found the odors were coming from Tray Pack #2 machine in the center of the room.  The machine’s motor is burning and smoking; the plant took a fan and placed it under the machine, put plastic on outer part of the machine, put an 8 inch diameter tube and ran the odor from the machine to the ceiling in the room.  This is not vented to the outside it is vented to the ceiling.  The smoke and smell is lingering throughout the entire room and workers have face masks on because of the smell, and objectionable odors. This is also a safety hazard.[newline]The odors and vapors could adulterate product and or mask the odor of spoiled or otherwise adulterated product.  The ventilation is inadequate to control the odor.[newline]This is in noncompliance of 416.2(d)[newline]The equipement used for processing and otherwise handling edible product are not of material and construction that facilitates thourough cleaning; I also find this to be operated in a manner that prevents CSI’s from inspecting the sanitary condition of the equipment.[newline]This is in noncompliance of 416.3(a).[newline]I immediately took regulatory control action by placing B39801104 and notified (manager) nbsp;(manager) and QA.[newline]Continued failure to meet regulatory requirements could result in additional administrative action as described in 9CFR part 500.


416.2(d) Ventilation adequate to control odors, vapors, and condensation to the extent necessary to prevent adulteration of product and the creation of insanitary conditions must be provided.

416.3(a) Equipment and utensils used for processing or otherwise handling edible product or ingredients must be of such material and construction to facilitate thorough cleaning and to ensure that their use will not cause the adulteration of product during processing, handling, or storage. Equipment and utensils must be maintained in sanitary condition so as not to adulterate product.


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