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This section is an acknowledgement of the people who are an active part of the Mission and Purpose of our Foundation, and who wish to be included in this section.

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Anthony James - New York State, USA

Gerard HaugheyInspired recently by a spiritual awakening I am working hard at returning to my Christian roots. I am trying hard to take all my lessons in and come to a place of wisdom and truth. I am more able, since my reawakening, to see the err of my past, and the ways I chose to think and be.

Disappointments in my life defined my arrogance and defiance to the most important thing of all, God, Jesus, Mary & Joseph. Imagine, traveling all alone in this world? Thinking that we donít need anything or anyone? Imagine these lessons. They are all realized now and perhaps new realizations will continue to enlighten me. I am now humbled by a very harsh teacher indeed, that being Ďtime lostí. But time lost is a tool God has used to show me His Necessity in our lives. Time lost is not actually lost time if the lesson is learned because there is still a chance to change. I am working hard at changing and have already taken several leaps towards becoming a more righteous man.

My poetry always reflects Ďlifeí and always has. I started writing poems after a motorcycle accident back in 1993. I broke my leg and it was so painful and kept me debilitated for a full year and another three years to be able to walk without limping. What a metaphor for my life. Pain, immobility, time, and eventually being able to walk again.

I am a Christian. I was an altar boy and wanted to be a priest but was turned away by a priest who himself had an alcohol problem. Life is never what we think it will be. I guess we will only come to know our life when it is in its final days. So letís all keep writing our Book of Life in a wonderful way, and our poems too which will ultimately adorn the chapters throughout.

I need to say a special Thank You to Frank & Mary Hoffman here because their website has provided me with a very kind bulletin board for my writings, expressions and healing. Thank You Frank & Mary and may God always Bless You both for this. I am not a professional writer or poet. I am a man fighting tooth and nail to save my Soul. I will do everything I can think of to win Godís Love back. I will always speak well of God and Jesus and the Holy Family to anyone and everyone I ever cross paths with. I Love God and am working towards becoming a more loving human being to everyone.


Anthony James

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