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About Mary and Frank Hoffman

In 2000 Mary and Frank Hoffman celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.   They believe that God ordained them as soul-mates, and guided them and protected them until they came to the full realization and awareness of God's presence in their lives.  They are blended together as the Bible is, with Frank furnishing the Jewish heritage and Mary, the Greek heritage.  It is from this Godly perspective that they entered into a life dedicated to furthering a cruelty-free lifestyle for all of God's creatures, whether human or non-human.  They believe in both human and animal rights as a God given gift of creation.  And in this endeavor, they strive to protect the environment as a heritage to all future generations.

Mary and Frank Hoffman This photo of Mary and Frank was taken at the North American Vegetarian Society's Summerfest in 1996.  Their accompanying statement read:  About 25 years ago we became aware of the cruelty involved in the raising of veal, and out of compassion we decided not to eat veal. Over the next twelve years we eliminated all meat eating, and seven years ago (1989) eliminated all dairy products. Today we eat everything except animal products.  We began this out of compassion, but received the surprising benefit of much improved health, which led us to join with other vegetarians (vegans) to learn more about the health aspects.  We are also involved in helping others to become aware of the health, compassion, and environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Frank an Mary Hoffman Both Mary and Frank have a Science background; Mary is a retired Medical Technologist (MT-ASCP), and Frank began his professional career as a chemist.   Mary is also an accomplished professional watercolor artist (some of her paintings are posted on our web site, God's Creation in Art).  Frank and Mary are currently trying to fully retire from their 37-year career in their family business, F. L. Hoffman Corporation, which specializes in the construction management of medical facilities.  As a Jewish-United Methodist Pastor (retired), Frank has volunteered his time for many years in both prisons and churches.  "Sky-Pilot" Frank is also an instrument rated aircraft pilot, which assists the Hoffmans in their many travels. (This photo of Mary and Frank was taken in 2007)


Mary passed away August 25, 2018

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