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St. Francis' Day - 4th October 1983

From the January/February 1983 edition of Outrage! with thanks to Animal Aid: 

"To celebrate the Patron Saint of Animals Day on 4 October, Wessex Animal Rights organised a candle-light pilgrimage from Bournemouth Square to the St. Francis of Assisi church two and a half miles away at Charminster.

Local members met in the town centre at 8.15pm where a single rose and candles in jars were handed out to each person. They set off led by a huge Animal Aid banner, making an impressive sight as they marched along with candles glowing brightly catching the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike.

Father Peel met them at the door of the church and then led them to the statue of the Patron Saint. They circled around the St. Francis effigy and then joined together in prayers. When the short service was over the press photographer took further pictures of Animal Aid members laying flowers at the feet of the statue.

This pilgrimage received very good media coverage including 2CR and Solent Radio and it also appeared in the Bournemouth Echo."

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