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Suffering saints' days

In those days we were unaware of the Blood Fiestas which take place on saints' days and holy days with the Spaniards shouting, bawling ole-ing as they hurl metal darts at bulls who are run through the fenced off-streets of villages and towns until they are covered in blood, and mad with terror and pain. Their suffering finally ends when they are shot dead on the steps of the local catholic Church.

Chickens, ducks and pigeons are strung up on lines so that the revellers have more fun as drunken yobs on horseback rush up and down pulling the heads off these living creatures.

It was at one of these Fiestas that Southport's Vicki Moore was gored by a bull - it didn't know that she was the only one in the crowd with compassion for the animals and screaming birds being mutilated.

Vicki and her husband, Tony, have investigated and made videos of the blood lust, which can only be described as barbaric, in this Catholic country. They do it in the hope that pressure can be brought on the Spanish government through the European Parliament and the Catholic Church.

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