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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Against Vivisection

May I through your magazine ask one question which is on the lips of many besides my own?

Namely, why is the voice of the Church not raised in protest at the diabolical treatment of God's animal creation in vivisection laboratories both in medical and cosmetic research and manufacture? Surely such treatment is not what 'dominion' means - there is ample evidence throughout the Bible of God's love and care for His animal creation, so why should man 'made in his image' show such callousness and cruelty?

How can any Christian reconcile the agonies inflicted on innocent animals with the Christian virtue of love, mercy and compassion? Surely true compassion should extend to include all God's creation and not merely sinful mankind. I appeal to all ministers, members and adherents with the advancement of God's kingdom truly at heart to give this matter their earnest consideration.

"Thou Shalt not hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain" saith the Lord.

Life and Work magazine
September 1969

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