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In defence of birds

Sir, - St. Francis of Assisi preached to the birds and referred to them as his little brothers and sisters: the "Benedicite" calls upon birds and other of God's creatures to "bless ye the Lord: praise him, etc.," and Christ said that birds are taken care of by God.

Yet, from August 12 hundreds of thousands of birds will be mercilessly shot down without compassion.

Lack of compassion will not be the only evil of this massive slaughter. Many of the birds will have been specially bred to satisfy the vested interests of sport and profit. They will have been protected, fed and cosseted, until they have come to look upon man as their friend and protector. Then, on the fatal day, they will discover their trust misplaced. Terrified by the noise of the guns, they will be forced by the "beaters" to leave their hiding places and make a dash for it.

They have been betrayed: their trust was misplaced. Misplaced trust is another name for hypocrisy. There was no compassion, only despicable hypocrisy.

Will more of our churches defy the massive vested interest and speak out against this hell-on-earth created for our feathered brothers and sisters?

R. A. C. Bennett

Church Times

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