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Vegetarianism: God's original plan

ANTHONY Neesham's humanitarian plea for Christians to adopt vegetarianism was met with much indignation but little theology. There is no religion without love. The whole point of its existence within our fallen world is to guide us back to God, whose original will was vegetarianism (Genesis 1:29). This is also his ultimate hope as revealed through the prophets (Isaiah 11:6-9).

The Book of Daniel revealed the health benefits of vegetarianism around 600 BC (Daniel 1: 3-21) and it is encouraged in Acts 21:25 to develop spiritual integrity. We all pray "Thy kingdom come..." yet somehow seek to accommodate slaughter house bloodletting within it!

It is truly sad to hear Christians attempting to condone needless, massive violence, purely for the sake of an acquired taste. There are few places as merciless and consequently un-Christian as the abattoir. By our lifestyles, we either evangelise or turn compassionate individuals away from Christ (Corinthians 8:13).

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