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New Archbishop

For all his human strengths and limitations, I feel sure that the new Archbishop of Canterbury will commit his best energies to the appointment.

I only wish it was possible to fully respect animal life and welcome the ethically incongruous stance which he appeared to espouse this week.

The picture of Dr Williams patting a bull on the back may well have seemed delightful. It is symbolic however, that the other hand was not depicted; as Christian theology would generally require it to be holding a blade of some description.

There are few Church leaders whose auspices have any healing influence on the needless misery, violence and horror of the slaughterhouses which Christian dogma sustains without pity.

The Church has indeed a pastoral duty to rural communities whom western religion has misled over centuries.

Yet with a peaceable vision, the role of the Church could be one of encouraging, rather than stifling, long-term ethical progress in the created community.

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