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Violence of bloodsports

What a highly commendable stance by Bishop McMahon of Nottingham in backing the League Against Cruel Sports' campaign against Sunday shooting.

Leaving aside the bogus conservation image which shooting enthusiasts tend to portray, it is a pastime which in itself comprises one of the most gruesome and cowardly bloodsports still in existence.

The cynical disclaimer of foxhunters who 'rarely see a kill' is at least a credible description of their experience in the field. Those who shoot birds for pleasure have no such excuse for their behaviour. They are fully aware of the disgusting violence which instantly ensues from their selfish and often inept actions.

Such callous activity can hardly be construed as a Christian source of 'sport' but instead inflicts pointless suffering on the Sabbath; or any other day of the week!

Let us hope that the Bishop of Nottingham's noble, if maverick stance, will save not only birds from gunshot but the reputation of the Church from an institutional and anthropocentric apathy towards non-human suffering.

Catholic Times

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